Monday, May 21, 2012

Dale & Grace--I'm Leaving It Up To You (1963)

     Dale Houston and his singing partner, Grace Broussard were both from Louisiana. He was from Ferriday and she was from Prairieville. Dale was pretty much self taught at the piano and by the age of 18  had a regional hit  "Lonely Man" that reached number 75 on the national charts. He struggled along as a songwriter and singer when in 1963 he was introduced to Grace Broussard who had been singing in bars for several years along with her brother Van. The two began working on an old song by the duo Don & Dewey called, "I'm Leaving It Up To You", it was recorded and released in the fall of 1963, and reached number one for a couple of weeks.
     The follow up, "Stop and Think It Over" also was a top ten single in early 1964, but a combination of tension between the couple, the advent of the Beatles and an illness that kept Dale out of commission for much of that year, led the duo to split up in 1965. Grace returned home and resumed performing with her brother.


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