Thursday, May 10, 2012

Christopher Cross--Sailing (1980)

     In a blog not too long ago, I referenced, "luck" as a ingredient in the success of an artist or a song. Those who say, "you make your own luck" obviously never tried their hand at music. There are not many career directions that are determined, not only by hard work, but by the whims and tastes of an audience that for the most part you never see. One of the things we do at, "The Rock and Roll Omnibus" radio show is to not only celebrate the hits from the past, but also to give due to those who produced quality music which never got the recognition. 
     In hindsight, Christopher Cross' first album came at a perfect time for a breath of fresh pop air. The disco backlash was in full swing, most of radio listeners were not latching on to punk, and what was to become new wave had not been fully developed yet. His unique vocal style blended with a timeless soft rock sense that was punctuated by Michael Omartain's production produced a single, (and album) that is a near flawless record of it's genre.
     Despite what critics (especially those who think of themselves as 'hip')  might have said about his career, Cross has done very well. He had a total of 8 top 40 hits from 1980 to 1983 and that first album won a Grammy. He continues to tour and record with regularity.You can find him on the internet here:


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