Friday, May 25, 2012

Danny Wilson--Mary's Prayer (1987)

     One-hit wonders are a fascinating breed. Sometimes quirky, almost always different from the music around it. Every so often it stands out so well that it transcends the era in which it was based. Which leads us to the Scottish band Danny Wilson.
     Gary and Kit Clark had played in a couple of bands in the early 80's before meeting up with Ged Grimes and forming a group called "Spencer Tracey". The estate of the deceased actor didn't take kindly to the group taking that name, so they changed it to "Danny Wilson" after the 1952 movie, "Meet Danny Wilson" starring Frank Sinatra.
     The first album didn't make much of a dent on the charts, but the first single, "Mary's Prayer" hit the top 40 here in the states. This led to a re-release in early 1988 in the UK and it shot up to number 3 and let them to two other albums before closing up shop in the early 90's.
     The song itself shimmered with religious imagery (speaking of reminded me of IRISH Catholic imagery...which has to be odd coming from a trio of Scottish lads) and hooks that just stuck in your head. They never had a single which even sniffed the top 100 and they went off into one-hit wonderland. If you ever get a chance to hear the entire album, "Meet Danny Wilson", you will not be disappointed. 
     Gary Clark has had a very successful career as a producer and writer. Kit performs today with his band, "Swiss Family Orbison" (They do have a way with names....)


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