Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Adorables --Daddy Please (1964)

     The Adorables were two sets of sisters, Pat and Diane Lewis, and Jackie and Betty Winston. They cut four singles for Golden World label between 1964 and 65, and all four went nowhere. They broke up and Pat began to embark on a solo career when all of Golden World was sold to Motown, the masters, singers, songwriters and all. Pat at this point joined The Andantes which was Motown's premier female backing group, she later was a part of the Hot Buttered Soul Unlimited group which backed Isaac Hayes during his most successful years.

      "Daddy Please" was the first single they cut for Golden World in 1964 , and it is something to hear. A sharp instrumental and the great voice of Pat Lewis... If you want to hear your favorite oldies and those more obscure, just click the live365 banner on the right and give us a listen.


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