Monday, May 16, 2011

Co-Founding member of the Guess Who: Chad Allan--Through the Looking Glass (1968)

    Chad Allan and the Silvertones were formed in the late 50's and several years later was changed to Chad Allan and the Reflections and then finally the Expressions in 1963. In 1965, they recorded, "Shakin All Over" and in the promo material sent to the radio stations the song was credited to "Guess Who?" as a promotional stunt. As the year went on however, the name stuck and was soon officially the "Guess Who". 
     The next year he began to have some problems singing and gave over part of the duties to newcomer Burton Cummings, and after their third album, he left for good. Over the next five years he worked in television and a solo career which this song was his first release. After 1973, he has dabbled more in television, writing gospel music, and even some teaching. He now lives in Vancouver and performs often.


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