Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Morning Vault: Art Adams--Rock Crazy Baby (1960)

By 1960, much of Rockabilly had gone underground. It was being recorded on small labels all across the country and was full of the reckless abandon that top 40 rock and roll had promised, but by 1960 was failing to deliver. Listening to many of these records now, it has a native urgency and rawness that it the true essence of rock and roll.

Art Adams was a Kentucky boy who, with his group 'The Rhythm Kings', recorded a couple of sides for Cherry Records. They also cut a bunch of songs that were never released at the time, but thanks to the Brits (again) and Canadians, Adams and many like him were re-discovered. His popularity has been such that after decades of inactivity, he has a band again and touring.

"Rock Crazy Baby" was released in 1960. If you are interested in hearing more, there are several albums that not only have his released output, but the demos that were never released...also check out You Tube.  If you like the oldies, popular and more obscure, I invite you to click the live 365 banner to the right and the station will pop up in another tab. Then you can listen while checking out the other blog posts....have a great Sunday everyone!


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