Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Morning Vault: The Action--Shadows and Reflections (1967)

     Sometimes when you look back in time you hear artists and just wonder what was it that kept them from stardom? The Action from England is one such group....

      They were made up of  Reg King (lead vocals), Alan King (lead guitar vocals), Peter Watson (guitar), Mike Evans (Bass, vocals), Roger Powell (Drums), and were are part of the "mod" subculture of the mid-60's that also brought us "The Who", and the Small Faces".

       Reg was a fine white blues singer, the much of their best work was covers of R&B songs. If you go on You Tube, you can find several of these fine singles. However, all of them sank on the charts. "Shadows and Reflections" I thought was one of the most marketable of the bunch, but still went nowhere.

        During 67', they went into the studio to cut some songs, and had decided to move in a more progressive/psychedelic direction. The result were a collection that rivaled music that was being done by their contemporaries, but the record company didn't like it at all and in fact dropped them from the label. This essentially ended the band. This collection was finally released in 2002 as "Rolled Gold", which showed a group that was on top of their game, and has held up much better than many who were attempting the same kind of music. In fact, this is one of the most fun things about The Action is that almost ALL of the music holds up well. Check this and other songs by The Action.....thanks and have a great Sunday morning....


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