Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jay Ferguson--Thunder Island (1978)

     Jay Ferguson turns 64 today...

      Jay started out as keyboardist and lead vocalist for the group Spirit, which was a highly underrated band from the late 60's. I'll do a blog about them down the line, but go to You Tube and hear the song, "I've Got a Line On You" to hear one of their best. He left Spirit and along with bassist Mark Andes formed Jo Jo Gunne, whose first release was in 1972. They released four albums total and split up in 1974. He embarked on a solo recording career which went from 1976 to 1982, then moved into writing soundtracks for movies and television. He has written for dozens of movies and television shows, most recently writing songs for the TV show, "The Office"...."Thunder Island" was his first and only top 10 hit, but also reached the top 40 in 1979 with, "Shakedown Cruise"

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