Friday, May 20, 2011

Cher is 65???

     There are a handful of singers who have continued to be popular and creative over generations. There are few actors who's work span over the decades. But there is only one who straddled that creative gap between Hollywood and the recording studio and that is Cher. God knows the last 40 years have brought us actors who think they can sing, and singers who think they can act. Some actually do it with a modicum of success. But, like her or hate her, Cher has outlasted (and in some cases outlived) her detractors with a body of work in the studio and on the screen that has truly made her an icon.

     One night a few months ago, my wife and a few of our friends talked me into seeing Burlesque. In what was truly an awful movie, Cher took to the stage and showed everyone in the theater (and probably on the movie set as well), what it was to grab an audience. I can't fully explain it, but she has an ability to draw people in, either by her voice, or her acting, or maybe in the 70's with her stunning good looks. Anyway...whatever she chooses to do, she is still a force....and anyone who can still pull that off at 65 has my admiration.


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