Friday, May 6, 2011

Bob Seger: Ramblin Gamblin Man (1968)

     Even up into the 70's, you had many regional artists who had solid followings in their areas, but nowhere else. Our FM station of choice was KSHE 95 in St. Louis, where you could hear things that were not played anywhere else. (In fact the Omnibus station was patterned after it in style if not content). We heard Bob Seger, Ted Nugent, REO Speedwagon, Styx, Head East and others like Billy Joel, long before they made it big.
     Bob Seger had a bit hit with "Ramblin Gamblin Man' in 1968, then a series of songs that failed to make much of a dent in the charts (outside the midwest that is) until 1976 when he released "Night Moves". During that time he honed his songwriting skills to match the band's furious stage show. He has always been in mind a very underrated writer and is pleased to see him on tour again. The clip below was from 1968....Happy 66th birthday!!
     If you like his music and others from your past, the ones that were hits and those that should have been...just click on the banner to the right and you can check out our radio station. Happy Friday!


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